Bubbles Behaving



Tuesday night’s snow has vanished, but old snow lingers in the upper Keystone and Herbie sections. All in all, the woods seem dry. Vermont’s fire season has commenced.

Bubbles behaving quite well today.
Little rodents have found something better to chew on than plastic tubing?
Oh joy.


Have the buds popped yet?  Some have.

Did it freeze again last night?  Thursday night, yes. Friday night, no. Saturday night, it’s supposed to.

Will the sap clear up?  Yes. It’s sweeter too – 1.7%.

Do you think the season’s done?  When the sap and syrup no longer filter, or when we run out of drums, that’ll be it.

Should we boil today or wait?  Oops, we should have boiled today (Friday). The run outsmarted us with its vigor.

QUICK UPDATE, 6 P.M. Saturday. Began boiling at 2 a.m. and all is not well.  It seems the test comes always at the end. Will Easter come?