April 22: Late, late season

WEATHER: Freezing nights Saturday (just barely), Sunday (solid) and tonight (predicted but not imminent, since the temp is still in the 40's). HOW'S IT RUNNING? Keystone and Morningside ran well today. We will continue to collect sap until it turns milky.

BOILING STATUS: When we boil tomorrow, we'll break the old record for the latest boil: April 20, 2011. It feels odd to be still writing about freezing nights and sap runs. My eyes wander to the rhubarb and daylily shoots.

APRIL IS NATIONAL POETRY MONTH. An aspect of poetry is stringing words together in ways that startle, or amuse, or please the ear. The extreme skiing and snowboarding crowds play with language in fresh ways, although they wouldn't dream of calling it poetry. But I would. Today, at a ski film website, I found an extensive list of ski tricks, and have borrowed from it to shape a little poem.  Graders of maple syrup, take note.

UpRail Safety to Tranny

Switch lip nollie nose press, Up stall dub switchup switch out, UpRail 270 safety to tranny, Half cab tail press 360 out.

Cork 7 screamin' nose grab, Switch dub cork 16 mute, 4-Kink dancing with the stars, Dub cork 10 mute - poke.

Switch lip nollie nose press, 270 firecracker 180 out, UpRail 270 safety to tranny, Butter 450 on pretzel 270 out.


Which one is Butter on Pretzel?